Trailers made by Dongwoo Motor Co.,Ltd equipped with the highest stability
and economic efficiency based on the best technologies and advanced design
are your true partners which will lead you to success.


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A/S Policy

As your partner in the age of physical distribution,
Dongwoo Motor promise to have our ears wide open to your needs.

Dongwoo has made, and will make, every effort to provide complete services
to you who use its vehicles at its factories and its cooperative agencies,
equipped with experts and cutting-edge facilities and equipment.

We have the following policy of guarantee by which we will give you after-sale service if you have any problem with our products within the term of guarantee.

bullet Term of repair-maintenance guarantee

  • You can be given service either in the case where two years has not passed since you bought the vehicle or
    where the vehicle does not run for 40,000km.
  • And, other items about the guarantee for repair-maintenance service that are not mentioned
    by the above article the term of guarantee, components and the like are pursuant to the standard of
    the Guarantee for the New Vehicle.

bullet Exceptions to repair-maintenance service

  • Items that are tobe regularly checked based on the regular checklist for normal vehicle management :
    checked and adjustment of the brake, and others.
  • Regularly exchangeable parts for normal vehicle maintenance, or common supplies, which are exhausted
    by means of vehicle driving, like rubber parts, brake lining, light bulbs, and so forth
  • Breakdown by means of changing or altering the vehicle itself that is judged to be influence its performance,
    or by means of removing or changing or altering its parts
  • Breakdown by means of no regular check or exchange based on the regular checklist mentioned
    in the User Manual