Trailers made by Dongwoo Motor Co.,Ltd equipped with the highest stability
and economic efficiency based on the best technologies and advanced design
are your true partners which will lead you to success.


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Company overview

Here is Dongwoo Motor in pursuit of a global leader of
physical distribution based on a spirit of creation and technological power

A spirit of creation and the best technological power

Wholehearted welcome to Dongwoo's website!
Since its establishment, this company has produced special vehicles
including trailers based on highest-experienced human resources with
relation to special vehicle production, and world-class
technological power and state-of-the-art designs.

Establishing itself as one of the largest
market-sharing companies in the section of trailers

Since its foundation, Dongwoo has established itself as
one of the largest market-sharing companies in the section of trailers:
it has taken root as a major exporter of special vehicles to the Middle East
and Southeast countries, as well as Japan.
This marked growth as an exporter of special vehicles has been owed to
you customers' endless trust and interest.
So, we feel it urgently necessary to say thanks for it to you.

A true partner in the age of physical distribution

At Dongwoo, we, as your partner in the age of physical distribution,
promise to have our ears wide open to your needs and do our best to meet them.
And we expect this website to serve as a faithful guide for you all visitors,
by providing a variety of information.
We wholeheartedly hope for you visitors to be happier and healthier.