Trailers made by Dongwoo Motor Co.,Ltd equipped with the highest stability
and economic efficiency based on the best technologies and advanced design
are your true partners which will lead you to success.


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Here is Dongwoo Motor in pursuit of a global leader of
physical distribution based on a spirit of creation and technological power

익스텐션 지지대가 구비된 장폭 트레일러 이미지


Side Tipping Trailer with extension stopper

  • Able to transport steel plates maximally 5.5 in width by changing the length of
    the extension stopper according to the width of goods
  • Able to transport general goods by separating the stopper by means of overcoming
    the weaknesses of the existing fix-type stopper
에어실린더를 이용한 자동 록킹장치


Side Tipping Trailer for carrying wideness steel plate

  • Applying a synchronizing system for making 4 oil hydraulic cylinders constantly in operation
    with reference to goods weight using the existing manual locking method to produce an improved
    automatic cylinder locking device in order to improve convenience and safety in the work of
    lifting and fixing the bed plate