Trailers made by Dongwoo Motor Co.,Ltd equipped with the highest stability
and economic efficiency based on the best technologies and advanced design
are your true partners which will lead you to success.


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Business overview

Here is Dongwoo Motor in pursuit of a global leader of
physical distribution based on a spirit of creation and technological power

Developing about
70 kinds of vehicles

This company has developed about 70 kinds of vehicles such as flat bed trailers, bulk transportation trailers, container transportation trailers, crop transportation trailers, and tank trailers based on human resources with long experiences and knowhow.

Interaction with customers

This company has been developing through continuous interaction with customers in order to develop efficient physical distribution vehicles in the age when securing advantages in physical distribution surfaces as an important factor.

Quality satisfaction to both domestic and overseas customers

We have obtained a multitude of overseas markets such as Japan, Iraq, and Iran, as well as the domestic market, indicating that our products have been credited for quality and technology. We will pull out all stops to grow into a more technology-intensive company with a spirit of endless research in order to earn recognition for quality and technology from our customers, both domestic and overseas.