Trailers made by Dongwoo Motor Co.,Ltd equipped with the highest stability
and economic efficiency based on the best technologies and advanced design
are your true partners which will lead you to success.


  • Bulk Trailer
    1. Bulk Trailer
    2. Grain Hopper Trailer
  • Flat bed trailer
    1. Flat Bed Trailer
    2. Flexible flatbed Trailer
    3. Steel Plate Carrying Trailer
    4. Double-stack 3/4 axle flexible flatbed trailer
  • Container chassis
    1. GNCC(Goose Neck Container Chassis)
    2. 40ft Container Chassis
    3. 45FT Flexible Container Chassis
    4. 20ft tipping Container Chassis
    5. 20ft/40ft Dumping Container Chassis
  • Low bed trailer
    1. 2-axle Lowbed trailer
    2. 3-axle Lowbed trailer
    3. 3-axle slide lowbed trailer
  • Concrete pump truck
    1. DWCP090-32ZR5
    2. DWCP130-32Z5
    3. DWCP-36Z4
    4. DWCP150-38Z5
  • Others
    1. Tank Trailer
    2. Tank lorry
    3. Side Tipping Trailer
      (for export to Cambodia)
    4. Dump Trailer (for export)
    5. Wall Trailer
    6. Wall Trailer
      (for export to Iraq)
    7. Vehicle transport trailer
      (Car carrier)

Low bed trailer

Here is an introduction to this company's trailers equipped with the best safety
and economic efficiency
based on highest technological power and cutting-edge designs.


2-axle Lowbed trailer


1) Super lightweight, strength and lowbed trailer
2) Suitable for the transport of various cargos: length and height adjustable
3) 30-60 ton payload capacity
4) RSV trailer to adjust the height
5) EBS and ECAS available (optional)
6) Installing stainless air tank